Bethany Davis has recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, 
and yes, has now moved to the big city of Los Angeles.   Despite many misconceptions about the "dairy" state, 
she has never been involved or seen any cow-tippings, but loves a great beer and fish fry.

Beth's training is in the stage and hopes one day to return to it. She is very excited to work on her first role in film 
and hopes it is one of many yet to come.  Acting has always been a major part of Beth's life and she believes that, 
"before we as actors can bring emotion to a performance we need to become aware of our senses and how they work within us. 
When we find that, we will become more compassionate actors and human beings in our daily lives."

She quotes Uta Hagen,

"Open your senses, no matter how painful it may be. 
Doing so will heighten your sensitivities, which are an integral part of the actors talent.  
It will also increase your understanding of the world in which you live 
and may even induce compassionate actions in your daily life."