Director Bio  -  Kian Kaul   [aka Kian Ahmadian]

Kian Kaul was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he continues to work in film, music, art and new media.

Kian is the director of three short films, having written two, with the latest set to world premiere in March. He is also the creator of the "degenerate art" website,, which houses many of his film and new-media creations, including several original made-for-web series,
fine art and music.

Aside from film-related work, Kian also enjoys working in mixed-media and painting, and has recorded an albumís worth of material with his darkwave/metal project "KauL".

"Kian, you are the Ed Wood of the 21st Century!"  David X. Cohen, "Futurama"


"A Gothic Romance" [2004]
"Dreams" [2002-2004]   
"In the Box with Kaul Paul" [two episode web-feature, 2002]
"Meat Insomnia" [webseries, 2001-2002]
  "The History Of Coffee" [2002]
"Images" [2001]

Kian Kaul may be contacted by e-mail at