writer Bio  -  Andrew helm

Andrew Helm has been in LA calling himself a writer for... let's see... long enough to know better.  
In that time he's folded shirts for Japanese tourists at Universal Studios, nearly been stuck in the middle 
of a gang-fight working at Blockbuster Video, and once politely held the door open for a man at the bank 
who ended up robbing the place.  Long, strange trip indeed

Realizing retail was causing slow, painful brain damage, Andrew finally began working as an
assistant in an honest-to-god writers' office.  Over he next few years he worked his way up to
Script Coordinator, working on such syndicated shows as "Highlander: The Raven", 
"The Lost World", "Queen of Swords" and "Mutant X".  The fact that the average person
has never heard of any of these shows has not dissuaded Andrew from continuing to write
spec scripts in both TV and features.  In fact, over the years, he's won the following accolades:


fade in magazine screenwriting contest -- quarter finalist
new works company -- new works reading series -- finalist
Best in the west screenwriting competition -- runner up (old west category)
carl sautter memorial screenwriting contest -- semi finalist (tv category, twice)
chesterfield screenwriting fellowship -- semi finalist 
scriptwriters network staged reading series -- finalist
scriptwriters network producers outreach program -- finalist

Andrew also hooked up with actor/director Bob Chapin to write and act in three highly-rated 
webisodes of the internet vampire series "The Hunted".  (www.thehunted.tv)

He's also recently found time to work with a team writing a really huge videogame title for a 
really big videogame company that he can't talk about because otherwise he'll lose his thumbs
or something when the lawyers come after him.  He's also working on a state-of-the-art computer
animation project that he also can't talk about, lest his village is pillaged and burnt to the ground
by an entirely different set of lawyers.  

The point of all this being -- Andrew is finally a PAID writer.  And dammit... that's pretty cool.

Andrew has now hooked up with director/madman Kian Kaul with the idea for a short film
"A Gothic Romance", for which they are in preproduction -- a process that includes
lots of strange foreign beer and watching cheesy horror movies.

Andrew Helm may be contacted by e-mail at