Paul Calder -- music, programming, and secondary vocals
Kian Kaul -- sound design, lyrics, and lead vocals

The sound of metal, pierced by light.

Bombing bass, and sadistic high end grind.

Cold emotional landscapes,

and the glow of pvc in the night.

 A modern melody and darkness.



Paul Calder and Kian Kaul first met working on Matt Groening’s “Futurama”,
and first worked together on the independent film “Images”; Paul as editor, Kian as director,
and both as sound designers/composers.  The two have been working together
on film and media projects ever since, and all the while Paul has been playing in
and producing his rock bands The Obvious Wish and Countess.

Kian and Paul have now formed “KauL”, a darkwave metal project,
out of a love for heavy guitars, industrial textures, and dark dreamy music.  


KauL has our own facilities for recording, mixing, and mastering. 
As well as artwork design and creation.
We are seeking a label, and representation, with a strong personality to work with.


Recently, KauL contributed a track to Cleopatra Records' tribute to Cradle of Filth, 
and are in pre-production on a music video for "Hate Hides".



Kian Kaul filmography as writer/director/sound designer (sometimes credited as Kian Ahmadian)

A Gothic Romance (in production)

Dreams (webseries 2002)

 In the Box with Kaul Paul (webseries 2002)

The History Of Coffee (2002)

Meat Insomnia (web series, 2002)

Images (2001)


Paul Calder credit highlights as editor

Matt Groening’s Futurama (2002)

Olive, the Other Reindeer (2001)

Spawn (1998)

Spicy City (1997)




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